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International affairs

NEIPA brewed in Jilava, Romania

International affairs

NEIPA brewed in Jilava, Romania

  • 6.0% ABV
  • 500ml
  • 15.0P
Water, Grains (Extra Pale, Flaked oats, Wheat malt), Hops (Mandarina Bavaria, Monroe, Lilly, Bullion), Yeast (London Ale III).
There goes Mr. Worldwide again! (not the bald one with fancy glasses, though)

He's never that smooth when he's smuggling things around, but this time he outdid himself.

Flicking his flip-flops at full speed in an airport terminal, shirt on backward, with heavily incriminating evidence pouring out all over. Pretty sure the fake mustache and glasses routine doesn't do much, either.

Maybe there's no reason to hide this time? Maybe, just maybe, this time the goods are... local?!
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Things you need to know before ordering

  • The beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized and should to be stored refrigerated between 2 and 8°C.
  • A few days with the delivery courier is ok but please don't store in a warm closet for weeks.
  • Orders placed after 14:00 Thursday will be dispatched the following Monday.

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