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Crawling distance v1

DDH Double NEIPA brewed in Jilava, Romania

Crawling distance v1

DDH Double NEIPA brewed in Jilava, Romania

  • 8.0% ABV
  • 500ml
  • 18.0P
Water, Grains (Heidelberg malt, Golden Promise, Oat malt, Oat flakes, Wheat malt, Dextrin malt), Hops (Cryo Pop® Blend, HBC 522, Sabro Cryo, Mosaic T90, Nelson Sauvin Hop Kief), Yeast (London Ale III). 72kcal/100ml
Let’s do it in style. We won’t hold you by the hand with this one, might just give you a helping shoulder. As clumsy and wobbly as that’ll be. 😵‍💫

CRAWLING DISTANCE v1 is a heavily hopped DIPA that’ll take you through a few interesting spots, ending up home and cozy at the (hopefully) right destination. 🗺️

It’s a fluffy, smooth, almost chewy base that got a full treatment of Cryo Pop, HBC 522, Sabro Cryo, Mosaic and Nelson Sauvin Hop Kief. 👌

There’a a lot going on here. Might need a day or two to really get to the conclusion, but you’ll get there for sure. Baby steps.
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Things you need to know before ordering

  • The beer is unfiltered and unpasteurized and should to be stored refrigerated between 2 and 8°C.
  • A few days with the delivery courier is ok but please don't store in a warm closet for weeks.
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